Set “4” – 3 airbrush Stencils – Airbrush Stencils for spraying fine details- 90 mm x 60 mm

18,00 with VAT

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Set 4 contains 3 plastic airbrush stencins for spraying fine details. Dimension of one stencil is 9×6 cm. With combinating of stencils you can have better effects of worn surface.
All of these stencils are made to combine with another stencils, so you can reach better effects.
Plastic stencils are designed for work with an airbrush gun, which allows the airbrush technique to show worn and faded surfaces.  Using a stencil, you spray various wear effects on your model by placing the stencil in the desired location and then spraying the paint with an airbrush gun.
The templates are designed for spraying fine details on models or its individual parts.  Airbrush templates are made of high-quality plastic and can be bent, which will achieve the effects of wear even in hard-to-reach places.  Plastic stencils have a smooth surface, so they do not damage the surface of the model when working. Cleaning the template is very easy with a cleaner.


Multiple use


Material –  PP/PVC

Dimension –  9 x 6 cm