Airbrush Stencils 90 MM X 60 MM “Wood TEXTURE” for spraying fine details – scale 1/32, 1/35

8,70 with VAT

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Airbrush stencils are designed for work with airbrush gun, which allows the airbrush technique to depict the most used and faded areas.

You can also spray the model with many effects of it being worn, all thanks to this stencil by locating it on the place required and spraying color with airbrush gun after the allocation.

Airbrush stencils are made for spraying small details or particular pieces of the models. Airbrush stencils are made of quality plastic and they are flexible, therefore you can achieve the worn effects even on areas with  bad access. Plastic stencils have smooth surface, hence they don’t damage any model or its own surface when you work with them. The cleaning of the stencil is very basic and easy, thanks to the cleaner.

Materiál – PP/PVC

Size 9 x 6 cm


Multiple use, cleaning Mr.TOOL CLEANER or paint cleaner from other manufacturers.